Cute shape is cute

For clothes that fit well with the body, it may be described as "comfortable enough to forget you are wearing", but this expression is not often made for bags worn in the same way, It may be because it is often selected for design, functionality, and storage capacity. However, when I actually started using the bag, if I did not feel the feeling when I hung it on my shoulder or when I held it in my hand, the number of turns was reduced, and I gradually got into the back of the closet It is often the case. It may be said that what is required of a bag to be used every day is “easy to hold”, “do not choose a style”, and “a good balance when holding”.

Design utilizing the characteristics of leather

Boston Pochette M was born from a request that "I want a broken pochette like a very small Boston bag." Although it is a cute shape with rounded corners as a whole, it is finished in an adult bag that is not too sweet by using the REN original leather "BARE / Bear" as the material. The main space is large enough to hold an A5 guidebook. Two zipper pockets and two sub-pockets for storing valuables. In addition to plenty of capacity, the inside is lined, so there is no catch and things can be taken in and out smoothly. A zipper pocket that can hold a passport or paperback book on the surface of the main body, and a sub-pocket that is convenient for storing small items that you want to quickly remove on both sides. The shoulder strap, which can be hung on the shoulder or slanted, can be adjusted in length by sliding the knot.

REN original goat leather called "BARE / Bear" is used. In order to take advantage of the natural texture of goat leather, this leather is simply tanned with a minimum of dyes and oils. Due to the high density of the fibers, it is tough, hard to lose shape, and the silver surface is resistant to friction. The surface has a natural luster and is a striking leather with a supple drape.

Available in BLACK and DARK BROWN colors. It is easy to match with any clothes and can be used regardless of the season. As a bag for everyday use, it is an active bag for commuting, practice, and day trips.

Believe in the possibilities of leather

REN, who has an atelier in Kuramae, Tokyo, cherishes a consistent concept by performing material selection, paper pattern production, and prototype production by the designer himself. With the intention of creating a new standard, it was started in 2005 with a clear and transparent sound that is not an established language as its brand name. Leather scratches, color irregularities, wrinkles, etc. are also made as a proof of natural leather, making products without wasting such parts, and finished without going through the final process such as polishing and applying pigment. It is important to be able to fully enjoy the texture of the food. While looking at the characteristics of the material, we developed a simple design that does not depend on trends, in pursuit of a texture that matches clothes and a form that fits the body. Fashion with a relaxed shoulder is attractive, with a natural feel that makes use of the natural texture of leather, but also with a mode atmosphere.

ボストンポシェット(DARK BROWN)


  • ボストンポシェット(DARK BROWN)
  • ボストンポシェット(BLACK)
  • 背面
  • サイズイメージ
  • ハンドル付き(モデル身長:158cm)
  • 肩にかけて(モデル身長:158cm)
  • ショルダーストラップを伸ばして斜めがけも可能(モデル身長:158cm)
  • 使用イメージ(モデル身長162cm)
  • 使用イメージ(モデル身長:158cm)
  • 女性らしいコーディネートにも(モデル身長:158cm)
  • 両サイドにポケット付きで、スマートフォンやパスケースをさっと取り出せます
  • ファスナーにはレザーの引き手がついています
  • ハンドル
  • ショルダーストラップは結び目をスライドすることで長さ調節が可能
  • 内側
  • ファスナーポケット×1
  • 名刺入れやリップなどの収納に便利なミニポケット×2
  • 天然皮革を無駄にすることなく使用しているため、キズ等が見られる場合があります
  • 天然皮革を無駄にすることなく使用しているため、キズ等が見られる場合があります
  • 最小限の染料で染めているため、革の色には若干の個体差があります
Size Width 25cm
Depth 14cm
Height 23cm
※not including handle
length shoulder:85cm
Weight About 400g
※REN products have individual differences in texture and mass depending on which part of the leather is cut and tailored into a bag. Please note that the product weight is approximate and not accurate.
Material Goat leather
Country of origin Indonesia
Gift box Gift box is not available for this product.

Feature of product

  • Main space x 1
    Internal zipper pocket x 1
    Internal sub pocket x 2
    External zipper pocket x 1
    External sub pocket x 2


  • ◇ Please note that the brand name tag may be easily removed.
    ◇ Color may transfer due to sweat or water. Applying a waterproof spray for leather in advance has the effect of preventing color fading and color migration.
    ◇ White things such as clothing may transfer. Also, please be aware that the dyes of denim and post-dyed products may be transferred to leather products.
    ◇ Because it is dyed with the minimum dye, there are some individual differences in the color of the leather.
    ◇ Scratches, color irregularities, wrinkles, etc. may be seen, but since we use natural leather without wasting it, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for this reason.
    ◇ Because the oil content is higher than that of ordinary leather, the oil may solidify in a low temperature place and appear white on the surface. Lightly wipe it off with a soft cloth, or warm it gently with a dryer, etc., so that you can blend in naturally.

About caring for leather

  • ◇ To prevent rain and dirt from penetrating, it is recommended to apply a waterproof spray exclusively for leather before use.
    ◇ Because it is a bare leather that makes use of its natural texture, it is easy to absorb moisture and oil. Please refrain from using oily oil (mink oil) or cream as it may cause spots.

If you have a stain

  • ◇ Oily stains: If they are just attached, they can be made slightly accustomed by tapping with a warm towel or a towel that has been wrung tightly.
    ◇ Stains such as rain: Lightly squeezing a towel wet with water and wiping the entire bag can be used to some extent.




Designers who have worked on famous collection brand bags, launched in 2005 to create the ideal bag with its trained sensitivities. Based on the intention of creating a new standard, the brand name is REN, a clear, transparent sound that is not an established word that expresses a particular commitment or a view of the world. In an atelier in front of the storehouse in Tokyo, the designer performs all of material selection, pattern making and prototype production, and pursues a design that matches clothes while making use of the texture and touch of leather. The concept is "not to be aware of what you have or not to claim existence". Easy-to-use design that emphasizes familiarity when holding it from the shoulder and silhouette when holding it from the shoulder, simplicity not influenced by the trend, and leather texture that increase the taste so easy to use regardless of the season is attractive.

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